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The Internet Home of the World-wide Venter Clan

Understanding the particulars of one's family name and history can be the source of great pride and satisfaction. And, although we cannot change any of it, it is still fascinating to discover our own history and where we came from historically, geographically and genetically.

This web site is committed to uncovering the history of the greater Venter clan, and extends an invitation to others to join the quest. It is hoped that you will find the information contain herein of some interest and that it will encourage you to pursue your own origins.

I look forward to hearing from any and all Venters out there surfing the web. Please feel free to contact me at:

The Venter Surname Research Project

A web site dedicated to discovering the history and origins of the global Venter clan. This also includes related variations of the name such as Fenter, Fender, and Fenters, as well as others. This project is an informal network of interested collaborators working together, sharing their research, in order to increase the family knowledgebase. Anyone with information relating to any branch of the Venter family is encouraged to contact us.

The Venter DNA Project

A sister organization to the Venter Surname Project, the DNA Project is an effort to trace the origins of the various Venter surname cognates in order to determine their ancestry and if and how they may be related. Taking advantage of the rapidly growing field of Genetic Genealogy, this research is done through the analysis of the male Y-chromosome.

The Robert J. Venter Family Genealogy is the result of the efforts of Robert Venter, a resident of the San Francisco Bay area. Through several decades of research he has managed to trace his personal ancestral lines back many generations. Family members as well as others interested in seeing the results of his research can find a compilation of this work at the links below. Anyone sharing a common ancestry with Robert is encouraged to contact him at:

Sister Sites

As our network of researchers expands we are able to direct you to other sites of interest to Venter family members.

Here are some external links which you may find of interest.

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