George John Froehlich

M, #145, b. 13 July 1892, d. 3 April 1980
Father*Charles Froehlich b. c 1862, d. 21 Jan 1897
Mother*Barbara Weinig b. 26 Jan 1851, d. 6 May 1910
Note* George Froehlich's birth date is reported to be 13 July 1892 in several sources. A birth record on that date was recorded for an "Eward" Frölich. It does list Barbara Weinig and Karl Frölich as the parents, so it is believed to be the right one.

In a note from George's daughter, Barbara, in a Christmas card for 2001, she reported finding the following in an old note book:

"Baptism: St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, NY "George John", child of Mr. Carl Froelich and his wife Barbara nee Weinig; born: July 13, 1892; Baptized Nov. 13, 1892; Sponsors: John G. Weinig & Martha Weinig; Pastor: A. H. Beyer"

Another interesting fact is that his birth record indicates that he is Barbara's fourth child, something nobody was aware of. It also shows his parents address to be 228 Graham Ave. and his father's occupation is a "copper maker".

George enlisted in the army on 21 May 1912. George Weinig (his uncle) signed as his legal guardian. He listed his occupation as an Electrician and his address as 258 West 154 St., NYC. He was discharged on 21 May 1915.

Find Barbara's other children.

Ref: Brooklyn, N.Y. - 1892 Birth Record #8866: Eward Fröhlich
New Jersey, - 1980 Death Record #17389: George Froelich. 
Birth*13 July 1892 George John Froehlich was born on 13 July 1892 at Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York. 
 George John Froehlich was the son of Charles Froehlich and Barbara Weinig
Marriage* George John Froehlich married Rose (N.N.)
Death*3 April 1980 George John Froehlich died on 3 April 1980 at Teaneck, Bergen Co., New Jersey, at age 87. 
Burial* George John Froehlich was buried at George Washington Memorial Park Cemetery, Paramus, Bergen Co., New Jersey. 


Rose (N.N.) b. 27 Sep 1895, d. 29 Dec 1984
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Johann Froehlich

M, #146
Marriage* Johann Froehlich married Margaret Scheuring


Margaret Scheuring
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Karl Froehlich

M, #3135, b. 11 February 1888
Father*Charles Froehlich b. c 1862, d. 21 Jan 1897
Mother*Barbara Weinig b. 26 Jan 1851, d. 6 May 1910
Birth*11 February 1888 Karl Froehlich was born on 11 February 1888 at Brooklyn, Kings, New York. 
 Karl Froehlich was the son of Charles Froehlich and Barbara Weinig
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Anne Marie Fröhlicher

F, #1248, b. 22 January 1782
Birth*22 January 1782 Anne Marie Fröhlicher was born on 22 January 1782; The record of Anne Marie's marriage to Etienne Broucker, 7 May 1805, gives her date of birth as 22 Jan 1782. 
Marriage*7 May 1805 Anne Marie Fröhlicher married Etienne Broucker, son of Joseph Broucker and Marie Ursule Braun, on 7 May 1805 at St. Louis, Moselle; Marriage was recorded in the St. Louis Civil Registry.

No. 7
Date: 17 Floreal XIII FRC (7 May 1805)
Etienne Brucker, age: 23
Father: Joseph Brucker, D: 29 Ventose V
Mother: Marie Ursule Braun, D: 24 Oct 1791
Anne Marie Frelicher (?), age: 23
Father: Antoine Frelicher (?)
Mother: Catherine Simon.


Etienne Broucker b. 12 Nov 1781, d. Sep 1823
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Joseph Frölign

M, #1295, b. 10 March 1832
Birth*10 March 1832 Joseph Frölign was born on 10 March 1832; The record of Joseph's marriage to Therese Deutsch, gives his birth date as 10 Mar 1832. 
Marriage*21 February 1860 Joseph Frölign married Therese Deutsch, daughter of Jacque Deutsch and Barbe Grosse, on 21 February 1860 at Niderviller, Moselle; Marriage was recorded in the Niderviller Civil Registry.

No. 1, Date: 21 Feb 1860
Joseph Frölign, age: 28, Born 10 Mar 1832
Father: Jean Nicolas Balthazard Fröligh, d: 28 Aug 1847
Therese Deutsch, age: 24, Born: 28 Jun 1836
Father: Jacob Deutsch, d: 19 Feb 1843
Mother: Barbe Grosse, age: 67.


Therese Deutsch b. 28 Jun 1836
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Hans Funk

M, #713
Father*Jacob Funk
Mother*Elisabetha Weigold b. 23 Jan 1851
 Hans Funk is the son of Jacob Funk and Elisabetha Weigold
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Jacob Funk

M, #712
Marriage* Jacob Funk married Elisabetha Weigold, daughter of Johann Jacob Weigold and Anna Christina Mennel


Elisabetha Weigold b. 23 Jan 1851
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Johann Georg Föster

M, #3132
Marriage* Johann Georg Föster married Juliana Wilhelmina Zettelmeier, daughter of Johann Konrad Zettelmeier and Elisabetha Kachelmann


Juliana Wilhelmina Zettelmeier b. 8 Dec 1846
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Elisabetha Gabbert

F, #2102
Marriage*say 1812 Elisabetha Gabbert married Johann Philipp Venter, son of Johann Peter Venter and Maria Charlotta Maurer, say 1812. 


Johann Philipp Venter b. 2 Nov 1787, d. 13 Dec 1864
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Bridget Gallagher

F, #1849, b. circa 1856
Birth*circa 1856 Bridget Gallagher was born circa 1856. 
Marriage*circa 1885 Bridget Gallagher married Michael Foy circa 1885. 


Michael Foy b. c 1855
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Clinton Gardiner

M, #554
Marriage*22 November 1950 Clinton Gardiner married Marjorie Helen Weigold, daughter of Louis Frederick Weigold and Margaret K. Emmerich, on 22 November 1950. 


Marjorie Helen Weigold
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Margaret Hattie Gardiner

F, #555
Father*Clinton Gardiner
Mother*Marjorie Helen Weigold
 Margaret Hattie Gardiner is the daughter of Clinton Gardiner and Marjorie Helen Weigold
Marriage*8 July 1972 Margaret Hattie Gardiner married Terry Gene Mizell SR. on 8 July 1972. 


Terry Gene Mizell SR.
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Michael Garneau

M, #1919
Marriage*31 August 1991 Michael Garneau married Tannya Ann Mather, daughter of Walter Franklin Mather III and Gloria Colburn, on 31 August 1991. 


Tannya Ann Mather
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Charlotta Gauch

F, #1034, b. 19 November 1805
Father*Peter Gauch
Mother*Philippina Kraus
Note* Source of data is the Litzenberger-Litzenber News Letter (See notes for Johann Nickel Litzenberger) which quotes as their source "Evengelical parish registers of Finkenbach, 193.845, and Odenbach, 193.104 and 193.105". 
Note I copied the surname as Grauch. However, the Litzenberger Assoc., the Germany Telephone Directory, and Heide Lange all have it as Gauch. Could I be wrong? Check the citation on LDS film #193105 (Odenbach Marriage Litzenberger/Grauch) on 22 Mar 1822. 
Birth*19 November 1805 Charlotta Gauch was born on 19 November 1805 at Cronenberg. 
 Charlotta Gauch was the daughter of Peter Gauch and Philippina Kraus
Marriage*22 March 1822 Charlotta Gauch married Philipp Henrich Litzenberger, son of Johannes Litzenberger and Maria Charlotta Heyel, on 22 March 1822 at Odenbach, Rheinland-Pfalz; Marriage was recorded in the Odenbach Reform Church Marriage Registry; No. 2; Date: 22 Mar 1822; Groom: Philipp Heinrich Litzenberger, age: 30 of Odenbach (Father: Johannes Litzenberger); Bride: Charlotta Grauch, age: 22. 


Philipp Henrich Litzenberger b. 11 Apr 1788, d. 27 Jul 1836
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Peter Gauch

M, #1035
Marriage* Peter Gauch married Philippina Kraus


Philippina Kraus
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Daniel Leon Gay

M, #999
Father*Richard Edward Gay Jr.
Mother*Karla Mortensen
 Daniel Leon Gay is the son of Richard Edward Gay Jr. and Karla Mortensen
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Richard Edward Gay

M, #1000
Marriage* Richard Edward Gay married Elisabeth (N.N.)


Elisabeth (N.N.)
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Richard Edward Gay Jr.

M, #998
Father*Richard Edward Gay
Mother*Elisabeth (N.N.)
 Richard Edward Gay Jr. is the son of Richard Edward Gay and Elisabeth (N.N.)
Marriage*29 August 1981 Richard Edward Gay Jr. married Karla Mortensen, daughter of Elmer Albert Mortensen Jr. and Margaret Eugenia Wright, on 29 August 1981 at Glastonbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut. 


Karla Mortensen
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Margaretha Gebhard

F, #3085
Marriage*19 February 1726 Margaretha Gebhard married Johannes Prappacher, son of Valtin Prappacher and Sabina Feuerlein, on 19 February 1726 at Eschenau, Baveria. 


Johannes Prappacher b. c 15 Feb 1703
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Christopher Geib

M, #1061
Father*Lothar Geib
Mother*Rosemarie Schwarz
 Christopher Geib is the son of Lothar Geib and Rosemarie Schwarz
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Lothar Geib

M, #1060
Marriage* Lothar Geib married Rosemarie Schwarz, daughter of Hans Schwarz and Annelore Martens


Rosemarie Schwarz
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Anna Catharina Geip

F, #1896, b. circa 1643, d. 23 February 1720
Father*Peter Geip
ChartsMaster Pedigree Chart
Birth*circa 1643 Anna Catharina Geip was born circa 1643 at Raumbach, Rheinland-Pfalz; The record of Catharina's death (23 Feb 1720) states that she was 77 years of age, placing her date of birth sometime during the year prior to 23 Feb 1644. 
 Anna Catharina Geip was the daughter of Peter Geip
Marriage*29 November 1664 Anna Catharina Geip married Johannes Soffel, son of Johann Peter Soffel, on 29 November 1664 at Raumbach, Rheinland-Pfalz; Marriage was recorded in the Meisenheim Reformed Church Marriage register; p. 111; Date: 29 Nov 1664; Groom: Johannes Soffel (Father: Peter Soffel of Staudernheim); Bride: Anna Catharina Geib (Father: Peter Geib of Raumbach). 
Death*23 February 1720 Anna Catharina Geip died on 23 February 1720 at Raumbach, Rheinland-Pfalz; Anna Catharina geb. Geip, weyland Johannes Soffels, gewesenen Gemeinmanns zu Raumbach Wittib, stab ohne vorhergegeangene Krankheit, als sie auf dem Stuhl saß, umb 11 Uhr den 23. Februar, ihres Alters 77 Jahr und ward begraben den 24., hatte 13 Kinder, darunter im 50 Jahr einen Sohn geboren, erlebt 25 Encklein.

Quelle: Ref Kirchenbuch Meisenheim 1710 - 1735, im LKA Koblenz, Bestand 144/4, Seite 513. 


Johannes Soffel b. c 1634, d. 7 Nov 1703
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Elisabetha Geip

F, #2783, b. 24 March 1651
Father*Peter Geip
Birth*24 March 1651 Elisabetha Geip was born on 24 March 1651 at Meisenheim, Rheinland-Pfalz. 
 Elisabetha Geip was the daughter of Peter Geip
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Johanna Elisabetha Geip

F, #2778, b. circa 1636
Father*Peter Geip
Birth*circa 1636 Johanna Elisabetha Geip was born circa 1636. 
 Johanna Elisabetha Geip was the daughter of Peter Geip
Marriage*12 October 1652 Johanna Elisabetha Geip married Johannes Meyer on 12 October 1652 at Raumbach, Rheinland-Pfalz. 
Marriage*7 August 1686 Johanna Elisabetha Geip married Christian Hermann on 7 August 1686 at Meisenheim, Rheinland-Pfalz. 

Family 1

Johannes Meyer

Family 2

Christian Hermann
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Johannes Geip

M, #2781, b. 10 October 1641
Father*Peter Geip
Baptism*10 October 1641 Johannes Geip was baptized on 10 October 1641 at Meisenheim, Rheinland-Pfalz. 
 Johannes Geip was the son of Peter Geip
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Jonas Geip

M, #2782, b. 10 October 1641
Father*Peter Geip
Baptism*10 October 1641 Jonas Geip was baptized on 10 October 1641 at Meisenheim, Rheinland-Pfalz. 
 Jonas Geip was the son of Peter Geip
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Peter Geip

M, #2217
ChartsMaster Pedigree Chart


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Maria Magdalena Gerhard

F, #2732
Marriage*23 July 1843 Maria Magdalena Gerhard married Johann Peter Weigold, son of Johann Peter Weigold and Anna Margaretha Wilch, on 23 July 1843 at Auerbach, Hessen. 


Johann Peter Weigold b. 12 Aug 1818
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Catharina Gerlichs

F, #2449
ChartsMaster Pedigree Chart
Marriage*20 April 1658 Catharina Gerlichs married Johann Sautrich on 20 April 1658 at Westheim (Haßfurt), Bavaria. 


Johann Sautrich
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Alexander Germann

M, #2277
Father*Axel Germann
Mother*Anette Schwarz
 Alexander Germann is the son of Axel Germann and Anette Schwarz
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